Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Tortilla tweeted for me to come by!

A burrito exploding with lettuce.

Tortilla sent me a tweet to come by, and because I was already planning a visit things worked out perfectly! (No, they did not know I was going before my visit so I was treated just like every other customer.)

The staff were nice enough and the food tasted ok, but I wasn’t highly impressed with this black bean with onion and peppers veggie burrito. Specifically, I found the ingredient rations to be a bit off: way too much lettuce, almost no salsa and very little sour cream. Now, I don’t like complaining about my food but this burrito was truly resembling a veggie wrap right about now!

On a different note, they are about average regarding spiciness levels and their burrito comes in two sizes (medium and large). I ordered the medium and found it to be a good amount for me. And with my meal (before drink) costing under £6 I was a very happy Katie.

LIKES: they squeezed a lime inside my burrito! Delicious!!

DISLIKES: ingredient ratios were all over

SUGGESTIONS: tell the staff how much you’d like of each ingredient so you don’t get stuck with too much of one (ex: I had WAY more lettuce than anything else so it tasted more like a salad wrap)

RATING: Medium because the ingredient ratios weren’t quite right


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