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Mexway impresses at Boxpark Shoreditch


As you know it’s not often I’m actually impressed with a burrito, though I do love all burrito and can’t turn down a burrito meal.

However, Mexway in Boxpark Shoreditch raised the bar on my burrito expectations and standards.

For the sake of difference I’m going to start with my complaints: my burrito was poorly wrapped as it was overstuffed. However, I didn’t see anyone else struggling to eat theirs so I don’t think this is the norm.

Now for the regular review bit:


At Β£5.95 the burritos are MASSIVE. Guacamole is an extra 40p unless you order a veggie burrito; then it is included in the price.

Mine was fully loaded and practically exploded! (Literally: I got burrito in my hair…) all the ingredients tasted fresh and i found it truly delicious. Exceptional, even.

The medium salsa was not very spicy compared to other London burritos, but the pineapple hot salsa was outstanding if you’re looking for some spice and a flavour twist.

The veggie filling included yellow squash, green peppers, onion and pinto beans.

Because they are a part of Boxpark Shoreditch the tables and benches were outside. Amazingly, I didn’t even notice how cold it actually was (think scarf, jumper, wool coat…) while I was eating because I was so impressed with the food – that ended up being so large I couldn’t even consider finishing.

But it wasn’t just the food – the staff were great as well. They were friendly, polite and even attentive enough to find me outside to say: “You did not order a drink. Would you like me to bring you a cup of water? It’s free.” How thoughtful! Most takeaway style places in general don’t ask about drinks, and no one has found me to offer table service for tap water; I found this level of hospitality endearing and very welcome.

LIKE: so good!

DISLIKE: poorly wrapped/messy= food in my hair 😦

SUGGESTIONS: cutlery incase your burrito is wrapped poorly, pineapple salsa for those who like spice

RATING: hot! Overall I think Mexway is outstanding in food and service and a great value.


My leftover burrito mess!

3 comments on “Mexway impresses at Boxpark Shoreditch

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  2. Endaf Kerfoot
    21 February 2012

    Hi Katie,
    Great blog – I got burritos here using a LivingSocial deal and was deeply impressed. Another place you should check out – totally the other end of town, is on the Upper Richmond Road in Putney. It’s online as Burrito Gourmet but it’s not called that any more, something like Tacuba?
    Well worth a journey, but I do completely agree re Mexway πŸ™‚
    I think I’ll give up burritos up for Lent though.

    • Katie Poole
      22 February 2012

      Thanks for the suggestion and the email! I’ll definitely be checking out that burrito place – super excited! πŸ™‚

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