Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Mercado: burritos in N16


Popped in to Mercado for dinner a while back with a mate.

The veggie burrito was only £7 for a proper sit down dinner and was a delicious way to end my day.

It was spicier than most burritos in London and was stuffed with goodness: mushroom, black beans, green peppers, jalepenos, carrots, red peppers and onion. On top was a lovely sour cream display (I’ve had friends tell of words written on top, mine was simply some squiggly lines- a nice touch) and on the side some exceptional guacamole, yummy rice and spicy salsa.

I easily put it all away.

The staff were also friendly and they played fun Mexican-style music in the background.

LIKES: spicier than most London burritos, which means I’m a happy kiddo.

DISLIKES: not open for lunch.


RATING: medium! Though in the running for hot I live fewer than 20 minutes away (and have for over a year now) but have yet to return – and this lack of return on my part is the sole reason for the medium rating.


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