Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Katie’s Burrito Mission

#Katiesburritomission is my goal to try every veggie burrito in London and rate them. But that’s not it; I’ll be doing a write-up here, with images, of what I thought of each burrito, including ratings and constructive criticism. Why? Because I love burritos that much!


  • Cold: Don’t bother eating this, even if it’s free.
  • Mild: This will do in a burrito-craving pinch.
  • Medium: Could have been hot, but something went wrong.
  • Hot: YES, YES, MORE!

Burrito reviews will go up on Wednesdays at 11am if any review will be posted that week; events will be uploaded in a timely manner. (IE: events may go live on any weekday, not just Wednesdays.)

Please Tweet all suggestions for burrito tasting to me at @KatherinePoole with #katiesburritomission included. Thanks!

*Ratings subject to change depending on how good the burrito competition is.

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