Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Original ideas at Flying Burrito


Perhaps this burrito is not an original recipe (Maybe it is? Anyone know?) but I’ve certainly never had this combination before, an I’m really diggin’ the originality at Flying Burrito.

The veggie burrito is called the Oaxacan Mole:

“Odd-looking vegetables and exotic spices cooked in a savory dark chocolate sauce. Also known as the Choc Norris because of the roundhouse kick at the end.”


This is truly delicious!

The perfect combination of sweet and spicy, this burrito is a real treat.

To the special veggie mix (Was that sweet potato in there?) I added black beans, cactus leaves, pineapple and sweet corn salsa, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheese, romaine lettuce and guacamole.

Warning! The green salsa is truly spicy, so DON’T get it unless you like “hurt me spicy”. Then you’ll be in heaven as your nose starts to drip and your mouth sets fire.

Unfortunately I didn’t learn if there is a milder salsa, but the burrito flavours stand well on their own.

Please note that on this occasion I opted for a small burrito and paid £7.05 for the burrito, guacamole, side salsa and a drink. (The drink alone was £2, do I’ll call that a good deal for a burrito!!)

LIKES: original flavour with different tastes than the other London burrito. They also have wifi and a breakfast menu…

DISLIKES: could have had fresher, but I did order at 8.45pm and they were getting ready to close so I’ll take the blame here! 😉

SUGGESTIONS: just get over here and order a burrito already. Also, they have Cholula! FOR SALE! Bring £3 and a bottle will be yours without having to steal it…

RATING: hot, because it’s of original flavour


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