Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Original ideas at Flying Burrito

  Perhaps this burrito is not an original recipe (Maybe it is? Anyone know?) but I’ve certainly never had this combination before, an I’m really diggin’ the originality at Flying … Continue reading

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  £8.45 for a burrito? You must think I’m insane to be paying that! Except that that covers two burritos on a bed of lettuce with heaps of sour cream … Continue reading

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Burritos for good

This isn’t a burrito review, but a burrito call to action. I got the following email today outlining how Chipotle’s behind-the-scenes actions do not match their “food with integrity” image. … Continue reading

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Mexway impresses at Boxpark Shoreditch

  As you know it’s not often I’m actually impressed with a burrito, though I do love all burrito and can’t turn down a burrito meal. However, Mexway in Boxpark … Continue reading

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Mercado: burritos in N16

  Popped in to Mercado for dinner a while back with a mate. The veggie burrito was only £7 for a proper sit down dinner and was a delicious way … Continue reading

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The lost Picante

  Picante Mexican Grill is hidden away on a side street near Victoria Station and serves up Mexican style street food. At first I was super excited to finally eat … Continue reading

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7 December 2011: Britain’s biggest burrito

Benito’s Hat sure knows how to host a good event. Whether it’s schooling us bloggers in an Ultimate Chef-style cook off or sculpting Britain’s largest burrito, Benito’s Hat knows how … Continue reading

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