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7 December 2011: Britain’s biggest burrito

Benito’s Hat sure knows how to host a good event. Whether it’s schooling us bloggers in an Ultimate Chef-style cook off or sculpting Britain’s largest burrito, Benito’s Hat knows how … Continue reading

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Piñatas with El Burrito!

El Burrito probably takes the cake for the amount of free events they host surrounding Mexican culture, and recently they hosted a piñata making class. But it didn’t just stop … Continue reading

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Cooking with Benito’s Hat

Last week I was invited to attend a cookery lesson with Benito’s Hat at the Waitrose Cookery School. Let me premise this entry by saying I am in no way a cook … Continue reading

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Last week I went to El Burrito for a workshop on calaveras, also known as sugar skulls, to celebrate the Mexican holiday of Day of the Dead. Typically these skulls are … Continue reading

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