Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

The lost Picante


So many hot sauce options...

Picante Mexican Grill is hidden away on a side street near Victoria Station and serves up Mexican style street food.

At first I was super excited to finally eat a burrito near work because there aren’t many Mexican places near Victoria Station, but this excitement did not last.

The staff weren’t overly friendly or welcoming and did not ask how spicy I’d like my burrito. Later I found the burrito to be lukewarm and was not impressed with the flavour. Especially at £6.70 for an average sized, not-very-spicy vegetarian burrito with guacamole and extra jalepenos that definitely didn’t leave me begging for more.

That said, I was starved and still ate the whole burrito.

Never did need the cutlery!

LIKES: the burrito was nicely wrapped

DISLIKES: not spicy enough, lukewarm and for what I received I felt it was a bit pricey compared to other vegetarian burritos in London

RECOMMENDATIONS: it’s on a side street and a bit tricky to find, so unless you NEED a burrito I’d suggest passing this place over.

RATING: Mild; this place is good for a burrito fix but I wouldn’t suggest going out of your way to find it.

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