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7 December 2011: Britain’s biggest burrito

At about 60 feet long, the burrito was almost complete

Benito’s Hat sure knows how to host a good event.

Whether it’s schooling us bloggers in an Ultimate Chef-style cook off or sculpting Britain’s largest burrito, Benito’s Hat knows how it’s done.

And boy, was Britain’s biggest burrito tasty!

At 65 feet long it was made out of multiple tortilla wraps and dominated the pavement outside their Oxford Street location, taking the term “street food” to a whole new level. They even gave away portions of the burrito (sectioned into meat and veggie to satisfy dietary preferences) to bystanders. However, they were accepting donations to help the homeless through StreetSmart this holiday season.

Mariachi band and burrito eating, oh my!

But that’s not all! A live mariachi band performed outside the restaurant throughout the entire event, adding an air of excitement that turned this burrito tasting into a proper fiesta! Minus the margaritas, though coffee was available.

Overall this was a great event and definitely one I’ll remember as the day my dreams came true and someone decided to make a burrito the length of the street….

Read my post about this on the Qype Does London blog, complete with pictures.

I raise my burrito to you, Benito's Hat!


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