Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Daddy Donkey doesn’t do “canned stuff”


Daddy Donkey on Leather Lane is a real treat, and I enjoyed this burrito so much that I’m jealous I don’t work in the area so I could also try their breakfast burrito. That’s right – they have a breakfast menu!

But let’s talk about their standard lunch burrito.

A veggie burrito sans extras is only £5.50 and this comes with coriander-lime rice, salsa, black beans, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. Oh, and that price includes guacamole. Yes! However, it is a bit smaller than the average London burrito.

But the food fun doesn’t stop there. They also offer “extras” for 75p each: feta, toasted chile pumpkin seeds, chipotle coleslaw, jalepenos, roasted red pepper vinaigrette and extra hot habanero and lime salsa.

You know I added the jalepenos and to my delight they were fresh!

“None of that canned stuff,” scoffed the employee. Clearly he is proud of the ingredients he uses for the food he makes, and that is something I respect. It also adds to the taste and quality of the burrito.

All the ingredients were about the same temperature so it made eating on the go move enjoyable without any distracting thoughts about extremely hot/cold ingredients. This was also the best wrapped burrito I’ve had this far on this mission and I was able to eat using only one hand, which is essential with market foods.

I ended up devouring the entire burrito, leaving me a very happy Katie.

LIKES: Delicious, well-wrapped, great guacamole and fresh jalepenos.

DISLIKES: Unfortunately the drinks were overpriced, but a shop around the corner can sort that problem. (And with more drink options.)

SUGGESTIONS: Get the fresh jalepenos. Also, the salsa isn’t as spicy as most places so keep that in mind when ordering.

RATING: Hot! Because the burrito and employees were a real pleasure.

AWARD: Best wrapped burrito. (Didn’t know I did awards, but I’ll go with it ’cause it’s well deserved!)

Daddy Donkey is open 7.30am-4pm



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