Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Breakfast meets burritos at The Breakfast Club


The couple in the background match the ketchup nicely.

I’m eating brunch with the hipsters. I think my copy of Naked Lunch is helping me blend in, but maybe not.

Luckily for me the service is fast and the breakfast burrito is delicious. Scrambled Eggs,peppers, onions, courgette, cheese and portobello mushroom inside a grilled tortilla wrap. This beauty has no black beans and I don’t miss them. Mild salsa, guacamole, sour cream and salad come on side.

The guacamole is amazing, the sour cream deserves a special mention (in a good way) and the salsa tasted more like chopped tomatoes and could do with flavourings or spice.

There is also a bottle of ketchup on the table.

I am a ketchup fan – on chips, veggie burgers, tofu pups, eggs, Chinese takeaway… I honestly question where this condiment can go wrong, and ketchup is great with this burrito.

Halfway through I was in love – this burrito is everything I want. Delicious, filling, warm, comforting, sensitive, thoughtful, funny… Ok maybe I’m not talkig about a burrito anymore, but you know what I mean and I want more. However, I’m so stuffed I feel sick and need to stop gorging.

I decided to give my burrito a break at this point, drink some water and read my book. I have high hopes of finishing this masterpiece before I leave.


I hope my book about lunch doesn't cause a scene at The Breakfast Club.

Forty minutes later I succeed, leaving most of the salad, sauces and about five bites of burrito.

I’m not sure what to say about the decor. It’s very “what used to be ironic and funny is now a mainstream trend for the hipsters and we haven’t chaned.” I am not sure if I should compliment it or insult it.

I’ll leave it at this: there’s a beach umbrella inside. (No picture because the guests underneath gave the dirtiest look when they noticed the camera phone pointed their way.)

Take the decorations for what it’s worth, the food here is delish and the tunes are jammin – just the right sounds to set an easygoing vibe and relaxed atmosphere in this place.

I also liked that I can sit with my book, water and unfinished burrito without being harassed if I’m done eating.

LIKES: Delicious, good music, fast service. Props on the guac and sour cream!

DISLIKES: The dressing on my salad, I am really not a fan of it. (But to be fair I didn’t know this came with salad so it was like an added freebie – can’t complain about free!)

SUGGESTIONS: Ketchup all the way.

RATING: HOT! Congrats, you brekky makers!


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