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Benito’s Hat




Even better with the extra cilantro (coriander) and jalepenos!

Benito’s Hat is a delicious burrito option, located in London’s Fitzrovia.

On a sunny afternoon these burritos are made even better when ordered as take away and consumed in nearby Cavendish Square.

This veggie burrito was an average £5.50 and filled with deliciousness. All the usual ingredients (black beans, peppers, onions, sour cream, medium salsa, cheese and guacamole) with some extra cilantro (coriander) and jalepenos – yum!!! They also tossed some tortilla chips into the bag, which seriously brightened up my burrito munching experience.

If the weather isn’t as inviting the next time I frequent this venue I’ll update you with what I think of the extra toppings, music, decor, etc. But for now, I will focus on the burrito itself.

Instagrammed image of the late lunch leftovers.

LIKES: Extra coriander (cilantro) and jalepenos, yum!

DISLIKES: Salsa wasn’t as spicy as I would anticipate for medium.

SUGGESTIONS: Remember the salsa isn’t the average London medium. Then tell me what you think of their eat in experience!

RATING: Medium


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