Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Hola, El Paso

We ate our burritos with a view through a moustache.

A late lunch with my friend Lizzie at El Paso in Hoxton started out nice enough. Great see-through cut outs on the wall (note the moustache, left), a small-scale menu I would go so far as to describe as adorable and a great selection of Mexican food.

The staff were polite and professional and the music was notably good, with Lizzie saying, “Oh, I like this song!” regularly throughout the afternoon. We were also digging the low lighting and desk lamps on the tables, a nice contemporary touch.

However, we both had comments on our food.

Lizzie ordered the beef chilli and found it to be way to spicy. But she manned-up (womaned-up?) and finished her meal, saying it was tasty even though she had mentioned the spice factor consistently throughout.

I found my veggie burrito to be on the expensive side at £7 with much less food than I’d anticipate for that price. (And that’s not the American in me talking!)

It was a flour tortilla stuffed with veggies, beans, rice, peppers and spring onion. It also came with tortilla chips and salsa. Did I mention the rice? I hope so, because this burrito was STUFFED with rice. And then I think they put a bit more rice in for good measure, so for more than one mouthful I thought I was eating tortilla with rice and I forgot about the concept of a burrito. Needless to say, I filled up on rice.

My veggie burrito and tortilla chips, I used a knife & fork this time.

There also was no sour cream or guacamole, which left me very sad. Maybe I had to ask for it as an extra, but I never got to that conversation with our server.

LIKES: The decor, muchos love! Also Cholula hot sauce, me gusta Cholula.

DISLIKES: Too much rice, good thing I’m not a pigeon! No guacamole/sour cream.

SUGGESTIONS: Demand guac & sour cream. The burrito is also mild spicy and they don’t ask how spicy you want it. Thankfully Cholula is there to sort you out.

RATING: Mild for a few reasons: small portion for the £7 price, no guac, no sour cream, too much rice.


2 comments on “Hola, El Paso

  1. Lizzie
    22 October 2011

    Truth!! The music was good and the chilli was spicy!!
    Take me on another burrito adventure soon. xo

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