Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!


The huarache!

Last week I popped into Wahaca for an early burrito dinner before meeting some friends for Friday night drinks.

However, to my dismay the only vegetarian burrito on offer came with mint and feta – two foods I am not fond of, but will eat selectively. To top it off, these items came pre-mixed into the meal.

Now, before you write me off for jumping to conclusions I want to say: I have come to Wahaca before and I HAVE tried this summer vegetable burrito. As I was chewing I thought I’d been sick in my mouth and ended up destroying the burrito with a fork and knife, looking for salvageable parts. I spent the other half of dinner stealing veg-friendly food from my friend’s plate. (He mentioned that the meat burrito was delicish, but the kind he ordered eludes me…)

So this time, I opted for some of their other dishes.

The huarache, which was in the street foods specials, came highly recommended from the server. Tortilla with black beans, tomato salsa, shredded lettuce, habanero sauce and cheddar. (I ordered without the feta, of course!) Delicious! It’s even gluten-free. It was absolutely lovely and I highly recommend this dish.

Unfortunately, the portion was tiny and I needed to order a second plate to even feel remotely full.

Plate no. 2: the taquitos with summery new potato. Again, yum!! Two corn tortillas wrapped around seasonal potatoes with shredded lettuce, habernero salsa and cheddar on the side in place of the feta. These were deep friend and served with crema.

Taquiitos with new potato.

However, even with this second plate I was not full. The portions were simply tiny and I would consider one a nice, light snack. I considered ordering a third dish because I was planning on spending the night with some mates and a bottle, but opted not to because I was starting to feel greedy with my food. (In hind sight, ordering that third dish would have been an excellent idea!)

LIKES: Winter and summer menu. What an excellent way to shake things up! I also loved both dishes and the beer from tonight. The serving staff are also wonderfully friendly.

DISLIKES: Mint and feta in the veg burrito? I’m SO ready for your winter menu! (It begins releasing on 5 October, though.)

SUGGESTIONS: The beer I had – Modelo Negra – was very tasty. If you’re drinking beer, enjoy one of these!

RATING: Medium. Based on the food I had on this visit I would say hot, but because the burrito is not to my liking (and this is a burrito blog) and I’m in a good mood I’ll say medium. Medium because there’s plenty of other veg options on the menu that I’m happy to eat!

NOTE: I will be returning to try the winter veggie burrito once it’s on the menu.


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