Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Old Street’s Mexican Express

Tucked away near the Old Street round about.

Waiting for a friend on Thursday night (yes, this post is a week late because I haven’t had internet at home!) I decided to pop in to Mexican Express before she arrived for drinks. After all, I’d had a late lunch and she was running late, so I was definitely getting hungry….

Sombreros and pictures of  food hung on the light yellow walls. Orders are placed at the counter in the back of this small shop and the service is quick.

The burrito was massive, overloading with tasty goodness. They globbed on the sour cream and delicious pinto beans, loaded it up with cheese and Mexican rice. Chuck in some salsa, jalepenos and guacamole and I had myself a delicious £5.75 feast. However, I’m not too sure what veggies were put in this because they were so mushy! (But very tasty!)

This burrito conquered me.

The medium salsa was spicier than anticipated, which is excellent for me. They also carry Desperados beer, a favourite of mine, but at £3.25/bottle the take away and beers from the shop across the road sounds better….  I opted for a tap water and decided to people watch instead.

Thirty minutes into this burrito I gave up; I was stuffed to the max!

Overall I wish the ingredients were hotter and I was excited that it didn’t fall apart until the last bites that I was too full to consume. And I was not expecting that sturdiness for this fully loaded burrito dinner!

Burritos and people watching!

Like: There are two rice flavours (Mexican or lemon/coriander) and two types of beans! (black or pinto) The medium salsa is also spicier than other places I’ve been.  (And I LOVE spicy!)

Dislike: Extra charge for jalepenos and guacamole, too expensive (nearly £4/bottle!) for beers.

Suggestions: Perfect for lunch, eat it in Hoxton Square with some beers from the shop. Also, jalepenos and guacamole are extra; a regular veggie burrito is only £4.95.



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