Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Cafe Mexicali: this aint street food

Cafe Mexicali reminds me of the Mexican restaurants back home, kitschy music and all ,with its orange walls, stucco detailing and comfy brown chairs with plastic seating – they’re squishy and quite comfy to sit on!

Granted this was a sit-down, place, I still found £7.95 for a lunch burrito expensive.

The waitress never did ask how I wanted the burrito (mild/medium/hot) or if I wanted any hot sauce/Tobasco as it wasn’t already on the table with the salt and pepper.

However, the food came quickly and was delicious, loaded with flavour and veg. Aubergine, potato, green pepper, red beans, onion, green beens and baby corn inside burrito, not the typical fillings but wonderful just the same, with rice and more beans on the side. I had to eat this sucker with a fork and knife as the burrito had sour cream and some garnishes on top. (Definitely not a street food cafe!)

Unfortunately, the dish was not spicy in the least so I ordered a side of their homemade salsa, which I would place at medium spiciness.

After stuffing myself full with burrito, rice and beans I felt pressured into getting desert so I ordered a hot chocolate. It was delicious, but definitely not ideal on top of all that food!

Cafe Mexicali is not a far walk from Finsbury Park Station, about a 10 minute walk away situated on the main road.

LIKES: The burrito was delish!! Bill comes with a lollipop and there’s more than just burrito on the menu…you know, in case you like options!

DISLIKES: 10% gratuity included – cheeky!

SUGGESTIONS: Come for dinner so the price feels justified and, if you like spice, order some salsa and ask for the Tobasco!

RATING: Hot, because I’ve been dreaming of going back and trying their other dishes ASAP

Add in the vast menu and I will definitely be back, specifically because I want to try the chimichanga!


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