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Freebird: it’s a sad day


Freebird Burritos

Craving a burrito at lunch yesterday (what else is new?) I headed straight to Freebird, the burrito cart on Berwick Street in Soho.

The burritos are only £5 but there’s a catch: there is nowhere to sit and they don’t sell drinks.

After I bought a chocolate milk from a nearby shop and ordering my veggie burrito with the green, medium spice salsa I headed back to work to eat in the canteen.

It was filled with rice, black beans, onions, peppers, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and the green medium salsa.

Sadly, this burrito did not meet expectations. The medium was not on the same level of spice as the other medium salsas I’ve tried in London so far and it was lacking something. Perhaps it needed loads more coriander or beans (they seemed to be stingy about the amount of beans included). Maybe it’s because it didn’t taste so salty or the food had been out. (To be fair, Freebird operates out of a cart but their food still tasted hot and fresh.) Whatever it was, this burrito just didn’t cut it and I stopped eating before I was full. Shocker!


Freebird burrito lunch

But that’s not it. About 20 minutes after giving up on this burrito my belly started to ache. You know, that painful my-body-doesn’t-like-something-I-just-ate feeling.

So, this place is MILD and I suggest only eating here if you NEED that burrito fix. I suspect the tummy ache was a one-off event so it’s also a great grab & go lunch for anyone who works in the area because it’s cheap and the workers move quickly.

NOTE: I’ve eaten here before without the belly ache and really like the hot salsa. (But not enough to bump up the rating.)

LIKES: Quick, cheap, easy, convenient

DISLIKES: The lack of taste

SUGGESTIONS: The green medium salsa all the way! Or hot, because the medium is not spicy at all in my opinion.



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