Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Mestizo: a place for girls’ night out


Mestizo dinner

Wondering where to go for dinner on Friday? Check out Mestizo located halfway between Warren Street and Mornington Crescent tube stations.

Ok, so maybe burritos aren’t on the dinner menu, but their Mexican dishes and amazing staff impressed my Spaniard friend and me.

We came here for dinner last Friday night and were shocked! The decor was totally done up and was much more posh than the take away burrito places I’ve been to so far. Should have guessed when the website called it a tequila bar!

But mostly we were impressed by the staff. Super friendly, able to give vegetarian suggestions (that’s above and beyond service at most non-veggie restaurants!), happy to explain everything on the menu and always had genuine smiles.

The portions were much larger than the typical London restaurant dinner, and being so close to Camden we found Mestizo to be the perfect dinner spot before a night out in Camden Town.

This place is HOT and their veggie-friendly dishes are delish. Many are made for two but when it’s not busy they are willing to do “for one” portions and modify menu options to be veg-friendly.

Also, they give complimentary tortilla chips and spicy sauces to start. Yum!

I know I’ve said burritos are the way to my heart, but this place is now my dream date restaurant. Any takers, boys?


Silvia loves Corona


Me with my Mestizo dinner


Of course we got a bucket of beer before ordering food, it's Friday night! 😉


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