Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Go to Poncho No. 8!

I'm so excited about my burrito lunch! Photo courtesy of Emma

Holy burrito! Wow!

Poncho No. 8 in Soho was definitely a lunchtime pleasure. One hour away from the office with my pal Emma, some horchata and our burritos. It was heaven!

Of course, that would not have been possible had the burritos been no good. Oh no, these burritos were divine.

These massive burritos held up from the first bite right till the end, so the last few bites could either be messy mouthfuls or scooped up delicately with a fork.

The insides were amazing as well. We opted for the coriander rice (the other option was tomato) and I got the veggie burrito with black beans, tofu and summer veg (what a delicious surprise!), mild salsa, jalepenos, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and lettuce. Emma had pork and said it was nice and juicy!

But what we were most impressed by was how big and cheap these suckers were. For only £6.90 I got a mouth-watering burrito I could barely finish without worrying my stomach would explode and an amazing horchata.

LIKES: The staff were so kind and helpful in explaining the ingredient and drinks options. A+!

DISLIKES: The burrito was too big? Wait, that’s not really a dislike……

SUGGESTIONS: The mild is exactly that, so keep that in mind when deciding which salsa to get; salsa combinations are also a delicious way to mix spices. If you like spicy, consider getting jalepenos on your burrito! Yum….



One comment on “Go to Poncho No. 8!

  1. Emma
    7 September 2011

    Can anyone recommend a lunch time burrito near Grosvenor Square (W1K)? I don’t want to fight through the tourists to get over to Soho?
    P.S. always happy to come and comment on the meat filling Katie!

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