Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Chipotle: was better in the USA

Stop 2 of #katiesburritomission is Chipotle on Charing Cross Road.

Dinner at Chipotle; note the green Tabasco in the background

As soon as I picked up this burrito I knew something was off; it was flimsy and cold to the touch.

Being a self-diagnosed Chipotle addict when I lived in Boston (I probably ate there 4 times/week), I’ve also tried Chipotle in LA and now London. Overall, the American burritos were always about the same quality (except the LA guacamole was exceptionally tastier). They were always well flavoured and heated properly.

Today something was different.

This burrito was not hot and the ingredients were fresh but sat out too long so they’d gone soggy and a bit cold. Even the tortilla was cold! I found myself adding the green Tabasco to drown out the flavour of cold veggies that had sat out too long. (Note: I am also in love with this sauce so that may have affected the sauce/burrito ratio I consumed.)

After the first bite my burrito collapsed in my hands, spilling sour cream and black bean juice down my arms. Pausing to get it back into some form, I switched to fork and knife, turning my burrito tray into a sort of bowl to keep the messy contents under control.

Unlike my Chilango experience, I didn’t notice the staff or music to be exceptional. The interior of the restaurant, however, was cool and I’m totally diggin’ the long tables with bag hooks and bar stools.

LIKES: Major props for the brown rice and corn options.

Heaven in a jar.

DISLIKES: Price for quantity; the portion was a bit smaller than I expected for the price. £8.50 for a cold burrito and juice? No thanks.

SUGGESTIONS: The green Tobasco and lots of it. For the record, I don’t advocate stealing so I’m not suggesting you bring it home with you.

Rating: Medium, because it just missed the bar for hot! To be fair, the ingredients were all seasoned well; it was just that left-out-too-long taste and texture that destroyed the experience.


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