Katie's Burrito Mission

Because I love burritos that much!

Check out Chilango

First up for #katiesburritomission: Chilango at the Islington Angel location.

Chilango burrito dinner!

Holding my burrito feels like holding a newborn baby: delicate and sturdy all at once. It’s heavy but doesn’t fall apart after the first bite.
The ingredients inside are an excellent combination of hot and cold: hot rice, hot veggies, cool guacamole and cheese…it may not be piping hot, but it perfectly satisfies my burrito craving.

The ingredients are fresh and accurate, exactly what I think should be in a veggie burrito: rice, beans, peppers/onions, sour cream, cheese, salsa and guacamole. Delicious! (I just wish it had more coriander/cilantro and possibly some jalepenos, but that’s not specifically necessary.)

All in all, this burrito was too big to finish but too delicious not to, so I’ll call this place AWESOME! Except I thought my belly would explode from fullness after happily overeating to finish the wonderful burrito. Ouch.

Added bonus: fun music, friendly staff, bright colours, relaxed atmosphere.


  • Get both the mild and medium salsa if you want tomato chunks with spice
  • If you want a spicy sauce to add on top, go for Chalula because it has a nicer combination of spices than the Chilango branded habanero sauce
  • Forks & knives make the burrito less messy about half way trough

Price: £5.90 for a veggie burrito, guacamole an extra £1, drinks and sides extra

Overall opinion: good taste, good price, good quantity of food with an added bonus of a friendly atmosphere and staff. Recommended!


2 comments on “Check out Chilango

  1. pigscheeks
    1 September 2011

    Chilango is immense – best burrito I have found in London so far! I can heartily recommend the pork unless you are a fully paid up veggie, in which case you’ll probably want to steer clear…

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